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The Smart Choice For Video Ad Production

Choosing the right company for your video ad production can be a difficult task. Everyone says they can deliver quality and keep your costs low. So, how does separate itself from other "high definition" corporate video production companies?

We have talented, experienced experts who will provide you with the most affordable options in video ad production. We only specialize in commercial / corporate video ads, so we can provide personal service for your company at prices starting as low as $569!

If you haven't thought about the idea of adding video content to your overall online marketing strategy, you just may discover you're missing out on massive traffic to your website and a world of opportunity that is now and will in the future dominate the world wide web.

So, what can a professionally produced video ad do for your company?

#1 Create Consumer Trust

By having an online video for your business you're able to create a desire for your product and build trust via transparency (seeing is believing, right?). Adding such human touches gives users confidence in your website and company, increasing their trust in your brand and turns visits into inquiries. Video gives you the power to personalize the message you wish to bring to your potential consumers.

#2 Create Consumer Interaction

Video helps give your site more of a reason for someone to view it and find out more about your company. The consumer begins to experience your product or service firsthand. Would you have achieved the same effect via text descriptions of your product or service? Of course not.

#3 Create Consumer Action

One of the main reasons a video ad can influence consumers' purchasing behavior is the storytelling effect. According to a report by the Online Publishing Association (OPA) "Frames Of Reference - Online Video Advertising Content and Consumer Behavior", 80% of respondents said they watch online marketing videos, out of that 52% took some type of action.

*Source: Frames Of Reference - Online Video Advertising Content and Consumer Behavior By OPA